Look for the Right Backlink Choices: what You Need Now

Google’s algorithm updates usually put a cold sweat in the backs of SEOs and site managers who enjoy a large audience share from the dominant engine. Google Penguin 3.0 may not have had a very significant impact, but it still forced many people to be even more vigilant in their netlinking strategy. Some, for example, had to de-optimize a significant amount of links to get out of a penalty imposed by the engine. A very important criterion has not been commented as much as the link anchors, it is the Dofollow / Nofollow.

Difference between nofollow and dofollow link

As a reminder, Dofollow links transmit what is called “juice”, a signal that is taken into account by Google, meaning that they distribute “popularity”, a kind of weight, relevance to landing pages. of these links. This allows the engine robots to understand which links are important, vis-à-vis the links that they should not take into account because they are not of interest, it is the Nofollow links, which do not transmit popularity. SEOs have tended in the past to only create Dofollow links, promoting the position of their sites in search results. But this type of approach has resulted in very artificial link profiles, with over 95% of Dofollow links. Google believes, certainly rightly,that a company present on the web that does not practice SEO methods beyond its official recommendations, has a significant proportion of Nofollow links. As you buy backlinks   you need to consider these matters.

Percentage of dofollow links

Many users were interested in a site in his twenties which has never carried out webmarketing actions voluntarily aimed at obtaining new backlinks. This site, which therefore has a profile of natural links, has nearly 2,000 Nofollow links out of a total volume of 16,500 links, or approximately a Nofollow / Dofollow ratio of 12%. He has great visibility in his field and has never been penalized despite the successive updates which have symbolized the toughening of Google’s rules.

This does not mean that you have to necessarily reach this percentage to ensure long-term positioning, but it is certainly better to have at least 10% of Nofollow links in the total. If you do not manage to reach this minimum ratio, you must at all costs ensure that you limit the number of over-optimized anchors, and try to have as many quality links as possible, on so-called authority platforms.

Successfully ranking yourwebsite in search engines is not easy. However, it is possible to improve your SEO without technical knowledge thanks to a few tips.


A good referencing passes above all by a judicious choice of keyword . These keywords, or key phrases, define your entire SEO strategy. These are the words or phrases on which you must be listed in the search engines. These are also the expressions that Internet users are likely to search to find you on the Internet.

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